Violins & ViolAs


Shen SV100, new, $450
Shen SV300, new, $950
Shen SV800, new, $1380
Shen SV1000, new, $1850
Shen SV 1000, lightly used, $1590
Romanian workshop, new, $599
Seidel workshop, 1946, $1050 SOLD
F. Saga, Zurich 1908, $1200
Ladislaw Brokop, c. 1900 SOLD
Thomas Balestriari, 2004
Josef Kloz, early 20th C. SOLD
Unlabeled, c. 1900
Leon Bernadel, mid 20th C.
Strad copy, early 20th C.
Stainer copy, late 18th C. SOLD
Unlabeled, late 19th C.
John Juzek, 1920
Louis Guersan, c. 1800
Leon Bernadel, 1919


Shen SV100, new
Unlabeled, mid 19th C.

1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/10, 1/16, 1/32 VIOLINS

Nagoya Suzuki, mid 20th C.
Shen SV100, new
John Juzek, early 20th C.
Core, new

14", 15" and 16" VIOLAS

Shen SA100, new



Shen SC80, new
Shen SC88, new
Shen SC150, new
Shen SC300, new
Shen SC800, new

3/4 - 1/4 CELLOS

Shen SC80, new
Shen SC 88, new
Shen SC150, new



Shen SB80, new
Shen SB88, new                                                                                          Shen SB150, new

Kolstein-Baker model #202, 2007 SOLD

Calin Wultur "Panormo Model," 2009

Other models of basses can be special ordered. Just call!


Large selection of pernambuco, brazilwood and carbon fiber bows for violin, viola, cello and bass.

Dörfler, W. Seide, Coda, L'archet Brasil, Core, Meinel, A. Schmidt, Fusion


Full line of cases for violin, viola, cello and bass, including offerings from Bobelock, Core, American, Gewa and Heritage.


Violin, cello, viola and bass strings for every level of player. Single strings available.

PirastroEvah Pirazzi, Obligato, Chromcore, Tonica

Thomastic:  Dominant, Vision, Prazision, Spirocore

D’addario:  Helicore, Zyex, Pro Arte, Prelude

Prim:  Medium & Heavy gauge


Shoulder rests: Kun Collapsible, Everest, Artino, Wolf, Bon Musica, Mach One, foam pads

Mutes: Tourte, wire mutes, Ultra practice mutes, heavy mutes, ebony mutes

Rosin: Andrea, Bernadel, Hill, Hidersine, Kaplan, Pirastro Olive, Pop’s Bass Rosin, Gewa Bass Rosin

Tuners: D'addario and Glasser

Endpin Anchors for Cello and Bass

Books: Suzuki, Essential Elements, All For
Strings, Fun With Notes

Fittings: Wittner chinrests and tailpieces, wooden chinrests and tailpieces

Cleaner/polish, Polishing cloths

Music Stands

String Swings

L.R. Baggs and Fishman violin pickups

Fishman Loudbox Mini Amp

We are a dealer for Shen, Coda Bow, L.R. Baggs, D'addario, Bobelock, Realist Pickups,
K&K Pickups, Hal Leonard, Alfred Music and Howard Core.