Eastman Cellos

We offer several cello models from Eastman Strings, known for reliable and affordable instruments for students of all skill levels. Available as outfits with a matched bow and case. Custom string options upon request. These instruments come with Eastman's limited lifetime warranty. Call or text (337) 534-4436 for more info and pricing. We can also special order any cello in the Eastman line.
Samuel Eastman VC95 Cello

The Samuel Eastman model 95 cello is built with a fully carved spruce top and finished with a hand-applied shaded varnish for an antiqued appearance.

Samuel Eastman VC100 Cello

The Samuel Eastman model 100 cello features solid tonewoods, hand-inlaid purfling, ebony fittings and a glowing amber-brown varnish that is durable and attractive. Hand-carved top and back with laminate sides.

Andreas Eastman VC200 Cello

The first model in the Andreas Eastman series for advancing players. Quality tonewoods and expert hand craftsmanship. Fully carved cello with a shaded spirit varnish.

Andreas Eastman VC305 Cello

Fully carved cello with outstanding tone and appearance. Tastefully shaded red varnish and moderately flamed maple back.

Andreas Eastman VC405 Cello

Exceptional sound and playability. Fully carved cello with beautiful antiqued varnish in the style of the early 20th century master workshops of Markneukirchen, Germany.